A selection of the best Italian yarns that respect the concept
of quality, creativity and craftmanship.

Having more than 50 years of experience in the field of yarns, 
I decided to combine Dubied machines with the sale of high quality yarn in order to meet the requests of my customer.

The yarns were chosen by me following the highest quality requirements and to be used both with knitting machines, hand knitting and crochet work.


A few things we’re great at

Discover our selection of 100% extra fine merino wool yarns of the highest quality and the opportunity to unleash your imagination by asking for custom-made dyeing and finishing services made in Italy

Always Available

16 colours made of noble and precious merino fibers always available in 3 different finesses (Opera, Concerto, Musical).

Dyeing Service

Colours made on customer’s sample starting from 3 kg in 3 different finesses (Opera, Concerto, Musical).


Consultancy for personalized yarns or processes such as spinning, twisting, dyeing starting from greasy wool, tops or wool staple.

The collection – Let the show begin!

Our 16 colour collection is always available in 4 different finesses: Opera (2 ply), Concerto (4 ply), Musical (8 ply), Cabaret (tubular yarn). 
We developed this yarn with a great  capacity to bulk up and become very soft and full.
It will give to your creations softness, comfort and a high quality feeling.


Nm 2/30

100% extrafine merino wool

Weight/Length: 100 gr=approx 1500m

Yarn category 1

Sock, Fingering Baby
1 Ply

Knitting Machine

10-12 gauge / 1 ply
7-8 gauge / 2 ply

Needle size

2,25 mm / 3,25 mm
1 / 3 U.S.
12 / 11 / 10 U.K.

Hook size

2,25 mm/3,50 mm
B-1 to E-4 U.S.
12/11/10 U.K.

7,50€ / 100g
VAT included


Nm 2/30 x 4

100% extrafine merino wool

Weight/Length: 100 gr= approx 380 mt

Yarn Category 2

Sport, Baby
4 Ply

Knitting Machine

5 gauge / 1 ply

Needle size

3,25 mm / 3,75 mm
3 / 5 U.S.
10 / 9 U.K.

Hook size

3,50 mm / 4,50 mm
E-4 to 7 U.S.
10 / 9 U.K.

7,90€ / 100g
VAT included


Nm 2/30 x 8

100% extrafine merino wool

Weight/Length: 100 gr= approx 180 mt

Yarn Category 3

Double Worsted
8 Ply

Knitting Machine

2,5-3 gauge / 1 ply

Needle size

3,75 mm / 4,50 mm
5 / 9 U.S.
9 / 8 / 7 U.K.


Hook size

3,50 mm / 4,50 mm
E-4 to 7 U.S.
9 / 8 / 7 U.K.

7,90€ / 100g
VAT included


Nm 0,90
tubular yarn

100% extrafine merino wool

Weight/Length: 100 gr= approx 14 mt

Yarn Category 6

Super Bulky

Needle size

8,00 mm / 12,75 mm
11 / 17 U.S.
0 / 00 / 000 U.K.

Hook size

9,00 mm / 15,00 mm
M-13 to Q U.S.
0 / 00 / 000 U.K.


7,50€ / 100g
9,00€ / 100 g lamè
VAT included

The colour chart

All photos above show “Musical” yarn (8 ply)

Please note that we can not guarantee that the colour of the yarn is completely identical to the image on your screen, 
as the colour may appear different from screen to screen.

Our collection is growing!

From our “Let the show begin…!” collection we have developed new moulinè colours.

These beautiful 100% unshrinkable merino wool moulinè colours will be available in
Concerto (4 ply – category Sport, baby) and
Musical (8 ply – category 3 DK).

Moulinè colours are made on request by us in our laboratory in Italy.
Price: 8,50€/100g
Minimum order 500g per colour

In this photo you can see our lovely pastels tones but we can’t look forward to show you the entire collection! 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.

Undyed merino wool


We also have available our 100% merino wool extrafine unshrinkable in the undyed version.

A super soft natural yarn perfect for knitting and hand dyeing. Delivery on skein of 100 g. 

You can find our undyed 100% merino wool extra fine in:

1 – Superfine, 1 ply (100 gr. = 1550m)
2 – Fine, 4 ply (100 gr. = 380 m)
3 – Light, 8 ply (100 gr. = 180m)

If used raw a neutral soap wash is recommended.

It can be washed in washing machine with a wool cycle and dried flat.

We suggest to do a preliminary work test and washing the wool as recommended because yarn has a great capacity to bulk up after treatment.

To discover all the collections and order visit ilfilorosso yarns site:


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